Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 10: Stewart to Dease Lake

We were up early again today and getting ready to leave Stewart and head north. Not quite sure where we would end up but Dick had heard of a lakefront camping ground near Dease Lake so we headed in that direction.

First Shirley had a bit of a look around Stewart. This is the inn we stayed in.

We had a good run out of town and stopped for petrol at Bell II before lunch at Tatogga. This was a really quirky place with lots of animals. Stuffed.

And a mosquito trap.

We then came through to Dease Lake and checked out to campground. Big tick of approval so we got set up.

Well, some of us did anyway!

We had a lovely camp site right above the lake.

We left Kiwi in charge and went to town for petrol and supplies.

Dick then cooked an amazing meal with steak, tomatoes and onions, and cole slaw.crackers, carrots and dips for starters and fresh fruit for dessert.

Diana had some trouble eating while wearing her mosquito veil but seemed to manage ok.

That's about it. It's cooling down. With the time at 945 the sun is just setting. Another good day.

Today 404kms
Cumulative 1959

Location:Dease Lake

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  1. what is it with you and animals Ken? Thinking of the cow at Geraldine! You are finding some superb camping locations. Very nice