Thursday, 5 July 2012

Day 11 & 12: Dease Lake to Nugget City to Whitehorse

Hi everyone
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We have had some great days.
The bikes are showing some signs of our excursion to the Salmon Glaciers.

From our campsite on Dease Lake we rode up the Cassier Highway to the Alaska Highway and stopped off at Nugget City. A great ride if a little tricky because the road metal was white and there were no centre lines and metal on the sides of the roads. Lovely flowers though on both sides of the verge. It was cool early so I put on my silk balaclava. With the new still-bristly beard it was not a great look. Yes that's beard poking through the silk!

We had lunch at Jade City - we don't know this much in NZ but much of our pounamu/greenstone comes from British Columbia.

We then arrived at SH1/Alaska Highway and booked into the Nugget City Motel.

While Shirl and Diana were getting organised Dick and I rode the 20kms to Lake Watson for urgent supplies ... like beer and red wine. We also rang ahead (with some difficulty) to Whitehorse to book a motel for tonight. Lake Watson has a feature they call Tag which is a triangle between two streets festooned with street and city signs from around the world.

Back at the motel I loved the squirrels.

And this one!

Today was pretty much a slog. We had 438kms to go to Whitehorse so we pretty much got on with it. A good road with some great scenery. Again lots of forest and lakes. Also lots of convoys of HUGE RVs/camper tricks also on the road.
Into Whitehorse and through to book in at the Yukon Inn. I went to get my specs fixed and buy new headlight bulbs then went (as you do) to the bar. Dick's turn to organise dinner and he took us to the amazing Klondike Rib and Salmon BBQ. It was great with huge servings, quirky service and delicious food - google it!

Dick and I enjoyed ourselves.

That's about it for today. Amazing having the sunrise at 4am and set at around 10.30pm!
Day 11: 226kms
Day 12: 438kms
Cumulative: 2623kms


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