Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 8: Up to Smithers

Well it was a quieter and less eventful day today. We rode out of Prince George at about 8.30am and took Highway 16 towards Prince Rupert. Today was Canada Day but to be honest we saw little different. Perhaps one place where there was a community BBQ being run.
It was fine and sunny to begin with but by the time we got to Burns Lake it had turned cold and sleety again so we stopped for lunch. A fairnrange of bikes on the road.

Off again and I had a lampf message on the dash. A huge weakness for the BMW GS. We carried or to Smithers and will stay there. Replaced the bulb - a breeze especially considering the problems we had with both bikes in Oz.
Some highlights for the day were livestock. First we saw a beautiful hind lying dead on the side of the road. Then I saw a live one grazing in the verge, as it saw us coming it looked up and came straight up the bank towards us. Nearly at the top it balked, turned, and ran back down again. I was brakes on and sphincters locked! Fortunately I had chosen my brown underdaks today. Then later we saw a a moose (we think) or a dark brown deer lying on the side of the road.
Shirl enjoyed some of the road signs:

And the sight of Dick in his biohazard gear.

My petrol was getting pretty low and as we stopped at a service station we were joined by two GSAs.

We met up with the riders later and had a great evening. All in all, another great day in the office
Total for today: 385kms
Cumulative: 1155kms


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