Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 13: A rest day in Whitehorse

Kia Ora to all of you!
A quiet day today to do a bit of maintenance, shopping and resting up. It was a nice warm day here with the temperature at about 17 degrees. We leapt out of bed at at least 8.30 with the sun having been up since around 4am. Shirl went to the supermarket for breakfast while I did some urgent something or others. We had beautiful strawberries and yoghurt.

I then went to do some work on the bike - basically just checking that the work we did in Vancouver was still tight. A good idea because I fou d some bolts had loosened a bit. I also found that when we had our tip over I broke a windscreen mounting bolt so that will have to be replaced. Might explain where the rattle was coming from. No hurry because we have been on some serious potholes and gravel since then without anything noticeable happening.

Lovely chat to a guy on a KLR650 who has been riding the dirt. On the back of his bike he had a spare tyre and a pair of crutches. Apparently he had a fall some weeks ago and broke his fibula. Nothing stopping some people!

We then went for a walk and wound up in the local supermarket at the NZ Lamb section. Look at the prices!

Accepting that the NZ dollar is .80c Canadian or so that is hugely cheaper than we pay at home. Weird!

We had a good walk around town and bought some Icebreaker clothing - again probably a little cheaper than in NZ. .also the mandatory sticker for the panniers.
Back to the hotel for a snooze and then the Committee Meeting. :-) All good. We have the next few days planned out and accommodation booked. We will camp tomorrow either in Canada of the US and then go up to Fairbanks on our Sunday where Shirl has booked us into the university hall of residence. Two nights there and then .... ummm north to Alaska I guess.

Today: 0kms
Cumulative: 2623Kms

Location:Whitehorse, Yukon.


  1. Just had a look at the photos of the house on FB.
    Now I keep getting ads about the cost of chimney removals!

  2. Looking good though isn't it.