Saturday, 30 June 2012

Day 7: Up to Prince George

Well we were up early today and on the road by 7.45am. We had a very light breakfast and stopped in Clinton for real breakfast. Shirl and I had porridge and coffee and enjoyed the hats.

We then continued north and into the rain. The temperature dropped to 9.5 degrees which is getting pretty chilly with cold sleety rain. We were pleased to stop for lunch at Williams Lake McDonalds! Just for the wifi of course.
As we left Shirl and I noticed Diana beginning to squirm on the back of the GSA. Then they stopped - Diana had left her iPhone in the dunny at McDonalds. We pulled over to a side road and waited while the others went back.

It was quite a wait but worth it - Diana's phone had been found and handed in. They cruised back to us and we got organised to ride on. Unfortunately we were parked in some soft sand and as Shirl climbed up we lent just a little too far. Bugger! Tip over no.1!!!

Shirl and Dick lifted while I supervised (only kidding) and we finally got Ebony back on her feet. Well, wheels anyway. Those crashbars have proved their worth today.
The weather had picked up and the temperature hit 24degrees as we rolled into Quesnel. Dick was ready for a coffee so we had a quick break. Shirl and I rolled out of the car park just a little before they were ready but that was ok because I could see their headlight and twin fog lights right behind. That was great until I realized that the lights behind were actually on a Hardly Davidson. Bugger! We pulled over and waited. And waited. And then we waited some more. No Dick. No Diana. No Mella. Triple bugger. We u-turned and went back. Not still at the coffee shop either.
Not sure what to do we sent Dick a text and headed north hoping to catch them up. Then the rain started again. Not as cold this time but very fine and I was sitting on 120kph trying to gain on the Hubbards. Finally we saw them parked at (yet another) cafe and we were together again.
On into Prince George and a double bedroom motel unit and a fantastic Chinese buffet at the restaurant next door. It will be an early night tonight. Tomorrow is Canada Day - not sure what that means.
Another good day. Shame about the tip over but that's what them bars are for.
510 Kms + a bit for detours.
Cumulative: 770 Kms

Location:Prince George

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