Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 149: Hotel Torres del Paine to Puerto Natales, Chile

Hi everyone
It was a bit disappointing this morning to wake up to find ourselves still socked in with cloud and mist. If you want to see what this special mountain range looks like, go and have a look at the McColl blog here:
We had a pretty gentle roll out of Torres del Paine. First Kiwi went and checked out his cousin.

Seemed pretty quiet. Kiwi wondered if he was stuffed?
The pack horses were waiting patiently for their trek up to the mountain camps.

Meanwhile Kiwi checked out these ladies from Belgium and France. One a teacher and one a doctor.

Ellen quite liked the idea of being a biker.

We got a tantalising glimpse of the famous peaks as we headed off down the gravel road

making sure we were going the right way.

We had thought we might camp along the way but there was really nowhere very nice.

And so we kept going to Puerto Natales. Love the corrugations!

We filled up with petrol and I attempted to top up my rear tyre but somehow ended up bleeding the air out. I had to top up on the side of the road. I could have been more pleased.

We then found a hotel. It is ok and quite a lot less expensive than the very ordinary hotel we were in last night. Here's the view from the deck...

where we sat and had a beer.

while the girls waited patiently down below.

We then went out for dinner. I remembered to take my camera. This is the raw fish. Ok but not enough coconut cream for me.

This was my lamb.

And we were all happy chappies. Mostly.

Today's run: 138kms
Cumulative: 37,831kms
Tipovers: 5

Location:Puerto Natales, Chile

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