Friday, 14 December 2012

Day 159: Tres Arroyos to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Good morning!

No blog last night - I was just too tired.

Things went pretty well yesterday. We got away at a good time and headed NE with not too much wind. Karen had us worried because she told us it was 650kms to BA but we thought only about 530. We could see on the map that Ruta 3 went to BA so we ignored her directions to go west and kept to the map. Eventually she came right - maybe there was a bit of Ruta 3 she didn't know about.

It was pleasant enough riding but I was still pretty tired from the hammering we got yesterday. Fine and sunny with not much wind and good farming scenery. A lot of traffic to negotiate with huge convoys of trucks on quite a narrow two-way road. We met this gentleman from Brazil on a little Yamaha. He had also been to Ushuaia.

He told us not to go to BA because of the student riots. It rather reminded me of the Peter Seller's line - "the students are revolting""yes ..... aren't they."

We eventually got on the motorway into BA and could speed up a bit. Some of the driving we saw was a bit hairy - the speed limit was 130kph but the trucks were still doing 80. A lot of tailgating and, of course, lots of cars doing 160 or so. A number of toll gates to go through too where bikes were charged 150 pesos. I really wondered why they bothered.

Off the motorway and into seven-lane city traffic. Around the huge obelisk and then across all the lanes to our hotel. Karen did a great job and Dick was very good too having been here before and spent time studying the maps. At about 4pm we were parked outside the Hotel Bristol. In a bus stop.

We parked the girls in a parking lot down the street and found our rooms. We then tried to,find the closest BMW motorcycle dealer. We have this idea that we could have them service, clean, store and maybe even, crate the bikes for shipping back to NZ. Instead we wound up in a BMW car dealership and they were very uninterested and unhelpful. The expression "tits on a bull!" Sprang to my mind.

We had dinner in a huge pedestrian mall (the meal was too really - what is it with vegetables?) and then were back for bed by 11pm. Everything runs very late here and my system is not used to it.

Not sure yet what I think of BA. It's a big city with huge contrasts. I'll write more later.

At 10am this morning we meet our shipping agent to see whether or not we can come home before our bikes are "shipped." And find out exactly what "shipped" means - actually placed on a ship or placed in bond? More later.

Today's run: 542kms
Cumulative: 41,846kms
Tipovers: Who cares?

Location:Buenos Aires, Argentina

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