Sunday, 9 December 2012

Day 154: a rest day in Ushuaia, Argentina

Hi folks
The celebrations are over. Today was a day for replacing, sorting and biffing out! We had breakfast upstairs with Javier and he had a go (for the first time ever) at poaching some eggs. They were great. I then unpacked everything from my topbox, tankbag and panniers and had a huge sort out and chuck out. I repacked my tent and gave it to Javier which left a nice space in one pannier.

Everything else got given the once over - do I want it? Do I need it? Have I ever used it? Am I likely to use it? If the answer was no, no, no and no, it went in the bin. I am also thinking ahead to logistics as to how I will pack the bike for shipping and how I will pack for the trip home.

Deana kept an eye on proceedings.

I then went for a walk down to the waterfront. This is a major port for Antarctic cruises. It's a lovely harbour but cold.

Plenty of reminders here that the Malvinas are still an issue. This sign proclaims Ushuaia as the capital of the Malvinas.

I also walked past the place where Frances apparently keeps her dosh.

And a shop where everything is free? I suspect someone neglected duty.

They go big on barbecued meat here, especially lamb. This is the quirky shot.

And this is the serious one. Sort of.

And the sign was just lovely.

And that was really my day. I came home for a siesta so I will probably lie awake all night now. Soon we are gathering again upstairs for a beer and dinner.

Tomorrow Dick and I begin our dash for Buenos Aires. Blog postings might be a little sparse. I hope you'll understand. :-)

Today's run: 0kms
Cumulative: 38,691kms
Tipovers: 5

Location:Ushuaia, Argentina

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