Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 153: Ushuaia to Lapataia and return

Hello readers, lovely family and great friends.
Today we rode to The End of the World/ Fin del Mundo and back to Ushuaia. We're done.
First though I went for a walk while Dick put in a phonecall to Buckingham Palace. I kid you not. Apparently Prince Andrew is the patron of the Outward Bound movement and Dick had to make one of his regular reports on activities in NZ. He told Andi all about our trip and Andi promised to tell mummy later in the day. Good aye!
Just a few shots from my little explore. Outliers probably.

We are right on the edge of the mountains.

In a lovely bay.

where the English are still seen as pirates. No Union Jacks! I think this says that English pirates are prohibited from mooring here.

And this spells it out! Go the poms! Sort of.

And it's no far to NZ.

At 11am we rode out to Lapataia to get our photos of the famous sign, to paddle in the sea and to drop our pebbles from Prudhoe Bay onto the beach. First we had to get the girls out of this "driveway." Woohoo! It was great having Mark there to encourage and support. It was ok in the end although we then had to go the wrong way down the very steep oneway street. But that was cool. Sort of. I was heard to utter a naughty word.

It began to rain as we rode out of town and into the National Park and the clay road out to the sign was slippery and greasy. But we made it.

The four of us: me, Kiwi, Ebony and Mella.

Where I did a haka as celebration.

Dick was profoundly moved by the occasion.

And here we all are.

We then walked down to the sea to paddle just as we did at Prudhoe Bay.

Dick with his copy of the Clipboard.

Then my turn. Love those icebreaker daks! And the backdrop!

I have carried this little black stone from the Arctic Ocean to here.

I dropped it carefully into the Antarctic. Here it goes.

Can you see it?

We got quite a lot of attention too. She is from Spain.

Back in town we had some quiet time and then went out for a beer that turned into an expedition for dinner. Funnily enough, we went to the same restaurant as last night and had the lamb. It was great.

And now I am Mrs Wilson's very tired boy. We will have another rest day here in Ushuaia and then begin the sprint up to Buenos Aires and home. Our fares are booked: Buenos Aires - Sydney - Wellington. Goodie! :-)
Today's run: 53kms
Cumulative: 38,691kms
Tipovers: 5

Location:Ushuaia, Argentina


  1. wow - epic day - can't wait for more stories when you are home again - eta???

  2. Congratulations, I am so happy you attained your goal. I'm also a little sad. Once you get to Buenos Aires, I'll not have the "Fantastic Adventures of Ebony, Ken, Shirley, and Their Trusty Sidekick Kiwi" to lift my spirits. Oh well, guess I'll have to get off my bum, and start living my own adventures again. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Scotty
      New Zealand is a great destination. We can guarantee you a bed and a beer!