Sunday, 9 December 2012

Day 155: Ushuaia to Rio Gallegos, Argentina (via Chile)

Hello everyone
We're whacked. What a day. Rain as we left Ushuaia and a huge queue at the petrol station. Then as we cleared the mountain pass we got smacked by the wind. It was tough. Especially with trucks passing you in the opposite direction pushing a huge wave of air before them. Hardest in the gravel where the wind gusts push you into the loose thick stuff. And we had 120kms of gravel today. Not a huge amount of fun.

Also we crossed from Argentina to Chile and then back into Argentina again, with all the paperwork that involves. And a ferry crossing to Punta Delgada. We rode from 8.30 this morning to just after 8pm tonight. We are in the Hotel Patagonia in Rio Gallegos.

We now have four days averaging 650kms to make Buenos Aires by Thursday night. Bikes into the shipping company on Friday and then heading for home on the Sunday. I think we're in for some short blogs. :-)

Today's run: 503kms
Cumulative: 39,194kms
Tipovers: 5

Location:Rio Gallegos, Argentina

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