Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day 2: Ebony and Mella have landed

Well today was to be about bikes and it was. We had three ports of call: shipping company to pick up our carnets, Customs to get approval for temporary importation and the cargo shed to pick up the girls.

It was a day of minor hiccups - the shipping company didn't open till 9.30 on a Monday morning, Customs had lost our appointment. Lots of long waits but finally:



and finally:

We had quite a lot of work to do. Windscreens refitted, topbox plate refitted, handlebars rotated to original position and battery reconnected. Sounds simple but took forever. And it was quite warm 24 degrees C.

Then we were off to the petrol station. I had not reconnected my GPS properly so we had a time on the side of the road and then it worked perfectly through reasonably heavy traffic,sound working well and hello! We were there. A couple of celebratory beers later, a pasta dinner and we out to it.

Tomorrow more work on the bikes and then who knows? A little ride? A swim? I'll lt you know.


  1. Did you work out what you wish to do about your headlights?

    1. Hi Scotty
      BMW Auckland charged us for headlight conversion. There is nothing obvious we can see so I assume they placed black tape on the reflector.