Monday, 25 June 2012

Day 1: Vancouver

Well we made it through to Vancouver at last. What can I say? It was an interesting trip. We thought we had left for town in plenty of time but Welly was in gridlock. We got to the airport just in time - not time enough for a coffee and a fond farewell. Then the flight was 30 minutes late. Heaps of time to spare in Auckland though. Went through the cattle class check in and then met Dick & Diana for a quiet beer and a bite in the Koru.

Our flight to San Francisco left about an hour late and it was long. What else can you say? The Air NZ staff were great, tthe food was actually quite nice and heaps of legroom. I slept in stits and farts until we arrived in San Francisco.

What can you say about our welcome in San Francisco? It was crap. Over tthe top security (we were in transit!) included waiting in lines for 80 minutes, having to take your shoes off to be x-rayed and a number of officious officials relishing in the opportunity to show how important they are. Enough said. Our flight to Vancouver was three hours delayed so we had a long wait in an airport cafe sorry - no Koru!) and finally arrived in Vancouver at 8pm. Very civil. Very polite. Really pleased to see us. All good.

Next morning was Sunday 24th June. We checked out the trains and had a little tour on the hop-on, hopoff bus and a looooooong (but good) walk around Stanley Park.

Dick hiding in the bushes:

Loved the local cuisine:

And the attitude to teachers!

Tomorrow is shipping company, customs and bikes. We hope.


  1. Soup mix for teachers? Interesting choice...

  2. Ken, please don't judge California too harshly. TSA employees are the lowest common denominator among humans. Especially in CA and NY. I am so glad you all landed safely to begin your great adventure.

  3. Thanks Scotty. I guess we were tired and stressed ourselves. We were only in transit so i didn't understand why the security was so over the top. But never mind! We're here, the bikes are good and Shirley arrives tomorrow to make up the foursome foor the first part of the trip. It,s all good. :-)