Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 6: In Vancouver and off to Lillooet

Day 5 and we're on the road at last. Yesterday Shirley and Diana went to town to be tourists and Dick and I had a trial pack. Let's just say it was a trial. So much gear; so little room! We also walked up to Metrotown which is a huge shopping mall a couple of Kms up Kingsway. I bought some plates and kfs for camping and then we walked home again via the Greek Taverna for lunch and a beer.
Meanwhile Shirley had been practising going to town but not buying anything. I think they had a good time.

The plan today was to get away early and check out Whistler.

We were well laden down!

We had a great run north out of Vancouver -a little damp but very light traffic. Whistler is a lovely quirky ski resort but because of the weather we didn't see it at its best so had lunch:

And kept rolling on.

So now we are in Lollooet for the night. A lovely (but expensive) Greek dinner and now for jacuzzi and bed. More northerly travel tomorrow.
260 Kms for the day.
Cumulative: 260 Kms


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