Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day 3: a quiet day farkling

Well today was a quiet day! Dick & I got to the bikes quite early ready for some farkling and tidy ups. I went round everything that I had done at the cargo terminal yesterday and checked and re-tightened all the nuts and bolts. I then added some of the bits (farkles) that I had bought or had delivered since the bikes shipped out. It was really just the three: a Kruz throttle lock, a rear mudguard extension and the bracket for the fuel on the rear pannier. All went well except that I needed a drill to refit the WoF onto the new extension.

Just then this bloke walked by carrying a portable drill. I told him he was just what I needed and he looked at me oddly and kept walking! He then started working in his van along the car park. I thought about for a while and then went and told him that I really did need a drill! He had thought I was joking.

Then I had to go up the road to get the pannier drilled for the fuel carrier. That was all good and it all fitted well.

D & D went out for a while so I had a snooze then a walk. I had to smile though ... Just up the road is a Malay curry house. Next door a petshop. Their combined billboards read " GOODIE DOGGIE MALAY CURRY". If you had been with us in Semporna you would understand.

I then went shopping for some dinner. My cooking was a bit eclectic but we ended up with a nice vegetable platter to start then some nice (expensive!) halibut with corncobs, bok choy and courgettes. All cooked rather oddly in the motel microwave. All good!

Ah yes .... Another good day at the office.

Shirl arrives from Welly tomorrow so the gang of four (six?) will be ready to rock and roll!!!

See youse.

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