Monday, 18 June 2012

Setting up the bike

I decided late last year to sell Helga (blue 2009 R1200GS) for this trip. Basically Helga had done 65,000kms in 18 months and I figured by the time we got to the bottom of South America the odo would be reading more like 130,000kms. After a lot of thinking and testing of various bikes I decided to stay with the BMW (it was a close call with the new Triumph) and bought a R1200GS Tripleblack.

We had a shakedown tour over Xmas to French Pass and then down the Molesworth Road to Hanmer and she was ready for her 10,000km service by the time I took her to Auckland for the shipment.

In that time I had fitted a few farkles to make life a bit more interesting:

  • TKC80 tyre on the front
  • aluminium panniers
  • Garmin 660 GPS (off Helga)
  • Touratech crashbars
  • Touratech cylinder guards
  • added bashplate
  • guards on potentiometer and clutch and brake fluids
  • Skene lights for the front
  • extended rear mudguard from Touratech
  • front mudguard extension
  • petrol container and bracket for LH pannier.
  • carrier for tent poles
  • sheepskin cover for rear seat
Crashbars and cylinder guards

A little tube painted in silver for tentpoles

The Skene lights

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