Thursday, 25 October 2012

Day 110: a rest day in Quito, Ecuador

Buenos noches
Today was a badly needed rest day. We sprang out of bed at about ... awwww ..... 8.15am or so and wandered up the road looking for breakfast. We had fried eggs! Gadzooks! When did Shirley Wilson last eat fried eggs? But they were ok. I ordered cafe con leche (coffee with milk) but didn't specify leche caliente (hot milk) so the coffee was luke cool. As opposed to luke warm. The streets around here are named after presidents, mostly from the USA. Here is Wilson Street.

We went and did a bit of shopping and then went back for some cleaning of motorbike gear. First I washed the lining of my helmet.

I think we could make soup from that!
Then I washed my jacket in the bath.

We tried making a video but can't work out how to post it here. I think I have finally got it but you have to watch it lying down!

YouTube Video

Apart from that we had a huge lunch. We didn't mean to but that's how lunches are around here. And wandered about. And had a nana nap. Exciting stuff huh!
We didn't feel like too much dinner so we went to a Swiss restaurant down the road for a dessert. We were the only guests. I wanted an apple strudel but I suspect that wasn't Swiss enough. But we did ok.
Tomorrow we'll get out and about and be tourists but today we just wanted to blob. And we did.
Today's run: 0kms
Cumulative: 27,996kms
Tipovers: 6

Location:Quito, Ecuador.


  1. glad to hear you can rest up for a few days now, and hopefully let your ribs try and stick themselves together a bit. Sounds like an interesting city to be tourists in - look forward to more pics!

  2. Hi Ken & Shirley,
    I have been watching your journey with great interest & am glad to see you've made it to Ecuador :-)
    If you have time when you get near Quayaquil, I am living on the coast in a place called Salinas. I would love to catch up with you all & have a beer. You would of course be more than welcome to stay if you have the time.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Steve Purchase. Cell ph +593 985841168.

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