Friday, 26 October 2012

Day 111: another rest day in Quito, Ecuador

Evening everybody
Sorry about yesterday's video. We have a bit to learn about videos and YouTube I suspect!

Today we was tourists. We breakfasted here in the hotel because it was included in last night tarrif. We then went and caught the double decker tourist bus that does a three-hour circuit of the city. We sat on the top deck of course.

First we had to go round this archway

with the hills in the background showing signs of steep cultivation.

The flower market looked great. Apparently Ecuador exports fresh flowers all around the world.

And past this school as well.

In the distance we could see the Basilica. This is breathtaking. You really need to come and see it for yourself.

Tomorrow or the next day we will go back and look inside.

We then dropped down this amazing narrow street in Old Town.

and past the Plaza.

with a school visit in progress.

I must have looked as though I was enjoying myself!

More churches.

Then up to El Panecillo which is a hill in the middle of the city with a huge religious statue on the top.

No, not this one! Don't be silly. This is Shirley in front of Quito.

Here is another shot of the city.

At this point we realised that the bus had gone without us. Bother! We had to wait for 40 minutes for the next bus. But it was ok. We sat and looked at view and the snogging couples. We thought of having a snog ourselves but the ground was too hard so we gave it a miss. Or a mrs in our case.

Soon the next bus came and we went back down the hill.

We went on the other side of the plaza where the police were having a parade. Two of them had obviously not been behaving. If you look closely you can see them doing press ups as punishment.

We went down more amazingly narrow streets to the terminus (can you believe that he drove a double decker bus down this street!)

which had these lovely sculptures in a huge park which included the Botanical Gardens and lots of football fields.

Finally we got back to the hotel where Shirley spotted this seven tiered wedding cake.

As I think I have said earlier, we are on the fringe of the Mariscal district which is where all the pubs and clubs are and the young ones make mayhem and the police unsheathed their Minto bars.

Obviously on a Friday afternoon they start early. These photos were taken at 4.10pm!

It might be earplugs tonight!

Shirl and I went out for dinner and chanced upon a BBQ place where we had a great meal - pork ribs served on our own little griller

And a grilled trout.

Because we are from New Zealand, it is a real treat to be served trout in a restaurant. In NZ you are not allowed to buy or sell trout. You can catch it and give it away but any commercial use is not allowed. This is to protect our nation's trout from poachers and protect the sport.

We then came home where Shirley had an acerbic conversation with a bloke from Telecom NZ about why her phone won't roam in Ecuador. It seems stupid. My phone is postpaid and works fine. She has a prepaid phone and hers won't roam. Duh? Come on Telecom NZ - sort yourself out.

And that, dear readers, is that.

Today's run: 0kms
Cumulative: 27,996kms
Tipovers: 6

Location:Quito, Ecuador


  1. What a lovely place. Can't wait to see some photos of the inside of the Basilica.

  2. Lachie spent ages with the photo album pointing at the photo of Pa Ken in the album and the one on screen saying Da Den