Monday, 15 October 2012

Day 98: On board the Stahlratte

Greetings fellow travellers.
Today was a rest day. There were amazingly few sore heads this morning but we were all pretty slow in getting out of bed. We are in the most gorgeous location. To our left-

To our right -

And in the middle at the table where I am blogging -

We had another beautiful breakfast

and spent most of the rest of the morning cleaning and snoozing. Shirl went for a constitutional swim around the yacht several times while I just drifted in the shade by the side of the boat. It feels odd to swim in such deep water.

Very few fish though and once you snorkel down you can't see much in front of you.

Locals arrived with bread, fish and crayfish for sale. And the haggling began.

That was our day really - sleeping, eating, swimming and then a bit more sleeping again. I did a bit of blogging and got some new maps downloaded onto Karen.

Then it was time for dinner. This was crayfish casserole. Amazingly at the end of the dinner there was some left! We also had fish, chips, rice and a great salad.

And that really was that. Goodnight all.

Today's run: 0kms
Cumulative: 26,107kms
Tipovers: 4


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