Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day 95: Santiago to Panama City, Panama

Evening all.
This will be the last you hear from us for a number of days as we sail aboard the Stehlraht to Colombia. I will do my best to write a daily blog and will post when we come ashore.

Today was an interesting day in many ways. We got away from Santiago at 6am but not before Shirl had gone on the prowl for more quirky photos of the hotel.

The ground fog was Hamilton-like as we rolled out of town but the factory towns reminded us more of Tokoroa.

We were on a two lane freeway nearly the whole way to Panama City but with an 80kph speed limit and an epidemic of traffic police with speed guns. Still,it was good riding with lots to see, about 25C and sensible traffic. And a little mountain pass to scrape the centre stand on, just for fun.

Off on the horizon some amazing buildings...

and sad looking longeared cows on the way to .... somewhere?

We arrived in Panama City in the late morning. We missed the turnoff to,our hotel and ended up in a very busy place. So we did what we always told our children to do, we asked a policeman. "Follow me," he cried. So we did, complete with lights and sirens.

right to the door of our hotel. It turned out to be a bit down at the heel but ok. Basic but ok. Oh, and did I mention cheap?

We had some copying and banking to do and then we went out to the Miraflores Locks on the canal to see how it all worked. It was fascinating.

There were two channels both with ships passing through.

towed by these little cable tower things.

As the ships came in the gates closed behind them.

The water was pumped out into the next lock.

And it sailed through.

Meanwhile the next ship was lining up (is that why they call them liners?) to do the same.

At about this time the afternoon thunderstorms arrived. This one was a bewdy! The roads flooded, the people scurried and our taxi driver decided to continue with the tour! :-)

Not so much to see now because of the rain. But this was ok.

And that's about it. Tomorrow we meet the rest of the bikers and the Stehlraht crew at 830 at the airport for the bikes to be loaded ready for Colombia. We will sleep on board. We then have a few days sailing in the Caribbean and down to Cartagena.

Wish us luck!

Today's run: 269kms
Cumulative: 25,991kms
Tipovers: 4

Location:Panama City, Panama


  1. Have fun on the rat! Can you find somewhere to skype from on the other side? Lachie says hi and DaDEN when he sees your photo...

  2. Bon Voyage, can't wait to read about this part of the trip. I hope to see pics of Ebony being loaded onto Stahl Ratte. My Colombian friends tell me that you're in for some very large lunches, featuring lots of meat. Ooh yeeaah!