Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 116: Our last day in Quito

Hi to you all.

A slow start this morning..... Some of us didn't get as much sleep as we would have liked! A concert in the cultural centre! Gave in and got earplugs out!!

After breakfast we went to the National Museum. Despite the hordes of school kids tearing around it was pretty good. I was particularly taken with the prehistoric exhibits. We were allowed to take photos but not to use the flash so I didn't get as many photos here as I would have liked.

Displays of flints.

Some amazing pottery figurines.

and collections of ceremonial and everyday items. These are ceramic bottles.

and some dioramas.

We went upstairs to the section covering the Spanish colonisation. It was interesting too but perhaps a bit whitewashed?

I wanted to give this one a shake to see if it snowed inside.

This was a serious looking bloke.

We went up to the photographic section which covered significant events in Quito's history. This took my eye. Any guesses on make and model? My dad used to have one of these!

We then wandered up the road for some lunch. I was feeling a bit crap,to be honest and couldn't face much but enjoyed the teddy bear on the coffee.

Which lasted right to the bottom.

That was clever. Shirl got the mother and child.

We spent the afternoon back at the hotel packing and getting a little organised. Then went out for dinner. Found a nice looking restaurant that turned out to be attached to the Mercure Hotel. I enjoyed the presentation of my veal. It tasted good too.

That was about our day. Off tomorrow to pick up the girls and head south. Hopefully I am feeling a bit better in the morn.


Location:Quito, Ecuador


  1. Don't want to say, "I told you so", about your lungs... oops, never mind. Take care, and enjoy the ride. I'm glad you had a better experience at this BMW shop, than the one in Hollywierd.

  2. you will be pleased to be on the road again - I hope your lungs and ribs and any other sundry sore bits don't give you too much grief. Happy riding, and lots of photos Shirley!!