Saturday, 11 August 2012

Day 47: Elko to Salt Lake City vie the Bonneville Salt Flats & Speedway

Kia ora all
A bit of a sandwich day today - two crummy pieces of bread around a lovely spell on the salt! We had decided to get up at 5am today to make the most of the cool temperatures and of the Bonneville Salt Flats. We were on the road just after 6am but even so it was 25 degrees C. It was to be freeway all the way with the speed limit at 75mph or 120kph so we basically got on with it down Nevada 80 past Wells and Deeth to Wendover where we stopped for a coffee and petrol.

We then went on the Bonneville. What a blast. Photos really can't do it justice but I'll try. As you came over the crest of the hill from Wendover the whole salt plain spread out in front of you. I am sans photographer so youse will just have to take my word for it.

We then went down the road to the speedway.

An incredibly desolate place filled with people having the time of their lives.

All kinds of vehicles were driving up the salt to the pits.

D&D got photos of us as we approached.

Ebony and Kiwi posed for photos while D&D approached and posed as well.

We parked up in the lines of cars. Yes, that's salt!

After that Kiwi just wandered around and got a great reception wherever he went. This was the Jaguar named Buick. (huh?)

He quite liked this one. Seems ok.

The press guys are here every day of the week. One of them thanked Kiwi for coming over.

Kiwi had a good look here. Seems ok.

Hmmmm, he thought. I could give this one a good faaaaaannnng!

Then we spotted (spotted kiwi?) the Kiwi contingent - from Nelson and Timaru.

Kiwi chatted up the nice lady from Timaru.

And checked out their car. Seems ok.

The little mini comes from Nelson. Kiwi got a warm bum from this shot.

Not quite sure who the old bloke is who keeps getting in the pictures.

Now for an artistic roof shot.

Flying the Kiwi flag!

I found that the glare and heat was giving my head a go so I left and got back on the road. It was pretty hard work along the freeway to Salt Lake City because of the crosswinds and heat. Great fun at 120kph in a crosswind being overtaken by a truck and trailer. Not. Made it through to the hotel in Salt Lake City and got all domestic until the others arrived. A big hosing and cleaning of the bikes ensued.

Later we noticed a bloke wearing a t-shirt with silver fern and bandages. (no, dont be silly. His t-shirt wasnt wearing bandages.) He was Trevor, one of the Wellington HOG fraternity (from Waikanae) who has been over here on his Harley riding Route 66 and going to Sturgis. (Sorry, I've forgotten his surname.) On Tuesday he was on the freeway when he hit a patch of oil and got flicked off his bike. He was pretty lucky I reckon because he was in the middle lane with traffic on both sides. Two broken ribs, some abrasions and bruises down his back but basically ok. His bike was supposedly written off but he is going to ship it back to NZ for repair. A sobering story.

Dick and I went for a beer and then the three of us wandered down the road for dinner. All good. A quick Skype with Shirl and I am ready to call it a day.

It's a day.

Today's ride: 387kms
Cumulative: 13,377kms
Tipovers: 2

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