Thursday, 23 August 2012

Day 60: Bishop to Mariposa via Yosemite National Park

Well we had a quieter start to our day today but still got up reasonably early and got away in good time. A great climbing run from Bishop to Lee Vining where we stopped for a coffee before heading into the famous Yosemite National Park. This is a park dominated by meadows

Huge rocky outcrops

Lovely streams

and forests which you can't see for the trees.

It's hard to get the idea of how massive these rocks are.

Can you see the climbers?

Here they are.

Even some lovely lakes.

The forest vistas were great.

Kiwi and I checked out this lovely little stream.

And intriguing growth of one side of the trees.

Here were some great views.

I stopped at Yosemite Village for lunch and on the way back I saw these beauties grazing right alongside the path.

Pretty kewl huh.

I was supposed to meet D&D here but somehow it didn't work and with no cellphone cover we were unsure quite what to do. In the end I rode out to where there was cover in a town called Mariposa and checked into the Best Western in the hope that they would do the same. Which they did.

Now it will be time for a beer and something to eat.

Today's run: 273kms
Cumulative: 17,845kms
Tipovers. 2

Location:Mariposa, California, USA

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