Friday, 17 August 2012

Day 54: Cortez to Moab via Four Corners and Monument Valley

Hey everybody
What a great day today was. Off in the early morning, fabulous scenery and then finally into Moab with the temperature on Ebony reading 38.5 degrees C. Foo!
I took this photo first thing from the balcony of our hotel. We were on the third floor which was huckery for carrying gear but ka pai choice for views.

This was a great hotel. They even had their own special motocycle parking shelter.

Our first stop was to be Four Corners. On the way I just had to stop to photograph this monstrosity sticking out of the desert.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning!
We stopped at Four Corners - this is where the four states meet: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. We took lots of silly photos of people with their appendages in each of the four states.

Kiwi thought this seemed ok.

Dick and I bought a sticker each and then we all headed on down to Arizona. I gassed up at Tech Nos Pos and we stopped for a coffee at Mexican Water before hitting McDonalds in Kayenta for a wifi session and late breakfast.
We then headed into Monument Valley. This was just awesome. You can read about it here: ( their photos are probably better too!) but it was fantastic and I tried to get some photos that show the grandeur of these scenes.

At the end of the pass we stopped for even more silly pitchers.

Kiwi thought we were all being a little silly really.

Next we passed through Mexican Hat. This is where we had planned to stay last night before we ran out of steam. I am so glad we didn't. Not much in Mexican Hat I'm afraid, except for a motel with Budget Rats! The hat itself was pretty kewl though.

We then went up 261 through the Valley of the Gods along a road that Dick swore would have no loose gravel. It looked good.

And then we came to a huge sign which said:
"if you ride on this road you ARE GOING TO DIE!!!
This road is not maintained.
It has thick loose gravel.
It has multiple 5mph switchbacks.
Before riding this road, call 911 to book your ambulance and check on supplies of your blood type."
Ok. So I exaggerate a little. It was loose gravel and it did have multiple 5mph switchbacks but apart from that it was a pootle.

This took us up to the National Park of Natural Bridges. We decided we didn't have time to do the tour, but I did see this wonderful sign. See youse kids .... this is English as she is supposed to be spoke:

We rode back down 95 and onto 191 where we stopped for petrol and a drink at Blanding. Next stop was the Wilson Arch.

Pretty much a straight run after that to Moab with the temperature slowly climbing to 38.5 degrees C! We checked into a Best Western and fell into the cold pool! Then beers, food and a lovely Skype with Shirl. I also bought a Wilson Arch T-shirt which the nice lady printed for me on the spot. Seems ok. :-)
Today's run: 532kms
Cumulative: 15,652kms
Tipovers: 2

Location:Moab, Utah, USA

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