Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day 55: Moab to Torrey via Arches and Canyonland National Parks

Evening all.
Well it's been a long day. And I'm tired. We were up early as usual and went next door for breakfast. We then spent some time looking for Mella's keys which were eventually found in Dick's togs. This was a lovely setting to park the girls overnight. Not sure what this tree is but it looked appropriately tropical.

The plan was the Arches National Park followed by Canyonland National Park and ending up somewhere in Capitol Reef National Park. Today was a day when we ran out of superlatives. The scenery was just incredible. All we can really say is "Not bad, not too bad at all." which as many of you will k ow is the highest accolade that a Kiwi can give.
I'm not sure why it's called Arches National Park. It should be called "Knobs National Park." Let the photos tell the story.

We rode up to the end of the road and the. Went for a walk out to an arch.

On the way Kiwi checked out this critter.

Here is the arch on the Devil's Garden called Landscape Arch.

Kiwi checked out the local cactus seemed ok.

And some more knobs.

He was sitting in this tree when a lady walked by and asked if he was real. "Of course," I said, "a real imitation stuffed NZ kiwi." I think she got it.

This one apparently is called Wilsons' Knob. Note the position of the apostrophe. Very intriguing. Kiwi looked it over. Seemed ok.

This was to compare with the cactus. Seemed ok.

Thirsty work though.

We went next to Canyonlands. This is a land with lots of canyons. Kiwi chatted up the ranger at the entry kiosk.

Kiwi and I went to a view point called Grand View. It was.

You can stand on the edge of the cliff (or not if you don't like heights) and see right through the canyon.

And into the distance to another canyon below.

Huge walls on each side.

And into the distance.

We stopped for a snack and a drink and were joined by a French family - three generations. Kiwi suddenly found himself being hugged by this French teddybear called Dodo. Kiwi was a trifle discombobulated.

Being French they had a feast.

And no, they didn't invite me to share. Grandad didn't have much English. All he said was "ahhhh ..... All Blacks .... Oui!"
The road had some lovely multiple 25mph s-bends. I tried to photograph one but you needed to ride them to appreciate them.

We kind of had a bit of a dull bit in the middle then as we rode down the motorway at 120kph for a number of hours, into Green River for lunch and the into the Capitol Reef National Park where things got slower and scenicer again.
It was heading towards five when we stopped at Torrey - we were all getting pretty knackered. Which is not pretty. Usual routine then: swim, shower, wash clothes, beer and meal.
All good zzzzzzzzzzz.
Today's run: 354kms
Cumulative: 16,006
Tipovers: 2

Location:Torrey, Utah, USA

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  1. Ken, I am so glad you got to see Arches. I saw it for the first time, last September. The beauty of that place brought tears to my eyes