Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 51: a rest day in Littleton, near Denver.

Greetings all of you who read this,
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Today is Tuesday and we are resting up with Richard and Shelli in their apartment in Littleton. A gentle start to the day with wonderful coffee and a stunning breakfast. Here's us (I'm behind the camera, silly)

And here is Kiwi checking out breakfast. Seems ok. Not bad at all!

I went off to get organised and came back to my room (I'm in this wonderful basement) to find that Kiwi had been making friends. Not sure what his name is but suggestions are welcome.

I went out at about 10am to buy some Kevlar jeans. I found some at Performance Cycles, a motorcycle accessories and apparel warehouse. They don't sell bikes, only gear. About $USD100 cheaper than any I have seen in NZ. It is so hot here that my bike pants are stifling (and sweaty in places we won't mention.)

Richard and Shelli took us out for a lovely lunch and then we went to a supermarket to buy tickets for tonight's baseball game. We detoured to a fantastic shop on the way back called Wholefoods. It was great - lots of really good healthy food, well presented. We found kiwis of course but I was also surprised to find racks of NZ apples: Braeburns, Red Delicious and Granny Smiths.

In the later afternoon we went to the ball game: the Colorado Rockies (our team!) and the Milwaukee Brewers. We went by car to the game along with quite a few others. Kiwi got so excited he fell off his perch.

We parked and walked to the stadium. It was pretty active with hawkers and scalpers selling food, drink, souvineers and "cheap" tickets.

As we arrived, Kiwi checked out the staff. Seemed ok.

For the uninitiated, American baseball is sort of like cricket. Kiwi quite liked the look of the pitch. It seemed ok.

It even had its own green area with waterfall.

And a great view over Denver.

Our mascot was a blue dinosaur. I think. S/he was pretty kewl.

Then the players started warming up. They throw that ball jolly fast you know. The white streak is the ball.

Groups of children came out to lead us in singing the national anthem.

Then the game began.

I didn't entirely understand it but our team was winning.

Meanwhile that smokey sky kept the sun red as it sank behind the stand.

This hardcase bloke was selling "very cold beer" and other stuff.

Then things got really tense. The score was 8:3 to us but then the other team were in the ninth (and last) innings and started scoring. They got three runs in the ninth innings so the score was 8:6.

They then loaded up the bases and with one home run they could have won 10:8. The batter hit the ball! It soared up into the air. It was heading for the stands. It was a home run! No it wasn't. Our gallant fielder rose to the challenge and caught the ball. They were out. The good guys won. We were magnaminious in our winning. Humble even. Here we are looking happy. All six of us.

We then made our way home. On the way Kiwi stopped a motorcycle cop and chatted him up - told him what a nice big gun he had etc. Seemed ok.

And that was our day. Tomorrow is Delta. The following morning will be Delta Dawn.
Today's ride: 16kms
Cumulative: 14,383kms
Tipovers: 2

Location:Littleton, Colorado, USA


  1. Also, could you put a map on with a line showing where you've been?
    Otherwise good blog. Lachie likes all the pictures.

  2. Kiwi's moose friend should be called Bullwinkle. IMHU

  3. Your blog is great Ken, and Kiwi is sure having a ball. He might think he should have found a thesaurus back at the Dinosaur museum a few days ago though? Why didn't you him find one there?! Frank makes a great point of a map with all your stopovers flagged.

  4. Greetings from Arizona, State side!

    I'm reading! :)
    It's great to read through your trip blog! I am a new rider, but not only started riding because of touring videos, I now want to tour. And tour a LOT! I think I missed the month or so of the Canada/Alaska/Prudhoe Bay log, I'll have to go back and look. I'd like to do that run up the Dalton someday, maybe soon if my second bike is a GS!
    Also great watching you both tour, two up! I wish, hopefully someday, to be able to tour with my wife.
    And now to continue reading,

    1. Hi Jeremiah
      Thanks for your comment. You haven't missed a month of blog. I had a glitch and lost it!! I'm just back from a month riding in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Great countries!!

      Good luck with your plans. And your wife. :-)