Friday, 24 August 2012

Day 61: Mariposa to Monterey via a lot of back roads

Evening all
Well it was a funny old day today. After our difficulties in meeting up at our lunchtime waypoint yesterday we decided today to ride separately and meet up at our destination in Monterey. It worked ok but it was odd riding in your own and I was super-sensitive to tyre pressures and engine noises. But it was all ok.

From Mariposa I rode through quite dense forest which gradually thinned out to be replaced by paddocks and then by cultivated areas - both orchards (pistachios!) and fields of maize, tomatoes and peas.

I overtook a caravan of about twelve truck and trailer units with open trays piled high with tomatoes. And also past a truck which had just lost a crate of peas on the road. Interesting to ride through I must say.

Not too many photos I am afraid because I was getting on with it, except for the obligatory Hayden Road photo. Sorry Frances, I am still looking. Honest!

I arrived in Monterey in mid-afternoon and went for a walk down to Fishermans' Wharf and Cannery Row. (I can hear all you John Steinbeck fans gasping.) it was quite incredible. Millions of dollars worth of boats.

with homeless people above begging for handouts. Weird. Weird too, just how many of those seeking handouts are smokers. Double weird. Just what does a packet of smokes cost these days?

Lots of wildlife here. Seals and sea lions and sea otters in the sea. Lots of pelicans and different birds. Just great.

I came back from the wharves and went to a barbers. It was pretty hard case really - an old style barbershop where Spanish was as commonly spoken as English. So now I am trimmed up again.

After dinner I went for a little walk with the camera. Here are just some images. Amazing banana passion fruit?

I think..... What a wonderful aroma.

I thought these houses could have been in Cooper Street.

But probably not this one.

Or this one....

I wandered on back down to the wharf but it was getting dark. I wondered what these guys were watching.

And then realised....

A successful day fishing...

Even the pelicans were hopeful.

Out on the buoys the sea lions were settling for the night.

Along the wharf there were a number of fishermen jigging. I got chatting the Grandpaw and Joey. We talked as granddads do about the benefits (both ways) of granddads taking grandkids fishing.

Joey needed to go to the loo so I took over his rod and while he was gone caught three squid and five sprats. That was a hoot. Mind you they all had to go into his basket.

So that was about our day.

Today's run: 253kms
Cumulative: 18,098kms
Tipovers: 2

Location:Monterey, California, USA

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  1. Hey Ken, hope you didn't test those banana passionfruits? I am pretty sure it is actually a datura plant, well known hallucinogenic, and other toxic stuff. Perhaps that was why you were attracted to it??!!