Monday, 10 September 2012

Day 64: Hollywood to Wellington, NZ

Greetings all and welcome back!

Our last day in LA was a little different. We had stripped the bikes down for a big repack during the night so they looked a little bare in the morning.

We sorted our gear into what we wanted to leave in the panniers and what we wanted to take home - either to be left at home or to be given a huge clean up before returning to the US.

Then in the morning it was then out onto Santa Monica Blvd for the run up to Honda of Hollywood who are the BMW agents in this neck of the woods. This took us along some of the famous Route 66.

where we parked on the footpath.

Honda of Hollywood was huge and obviously an agent for a whole collection of makes.

Ebony and Mella looked right at home.

One of the bikes present was a Honda ST1300 Police bike.

And yes, that is a shotgun mounted on the right rear.

We took some time get the bikes sorted and then caught a taxi back to the hotel. It felt a little funny leaving the bikes behind, knowing that we wouldn't be back for ten days or so. Hopefully it will all work out ok.

Back at the hotel D&D decided to go on a tour of Universal Studios while I thought I would have a mooch around the hood. What an extraordinary place! The rest of this part of the blog is really just a set of impressions and photo shots. Here is the pink lady.

Pink dress, pink pram and in the pink pram .... a pink dog.

And now I have a confession to make. I was so keen to get my camera out and take a photo of the pinks that I somehow flicked Kiwi out of his bag and left him lying on the footpath. How could I do that? Is he sending me some subliminal message?

Someway up the street I reached for him to pose with this photo

and realised he was gone. For I while I persuaded myself that he had been left back at the hotel .... but .... nah. So I once again retraced my steps Kiwi-hunting. And there he was!

Some nice person had found him lying in the street and popped him up here on this little ledge to be found. He was strangely quiet. Oh dear.

This intrigued me. It was set into the footpath. What's that all about?

And this. :-)

There were some paradoxes too that caught my eye.

The rollers....

with the homeless person lying right next to them.

The park benches designed so you can't lie on them.

The doggie back pack.

The doggie in the restaurant. Huh?

(I didn't like that much, especially when the dog shook itself vigorously.)

Kiwi took a shine to the rhino.

And the fashion kilt looked cool. Very cool in fact.

And the Veterans' Memorial.

We met back at the hotel in the early evening for our shuttle to LAX or Los Angeles Airport (why the "x"?) Jose had organised the transport for us.

Pretty kewl huh!

And so we boarded our flight home. In the Koru Lounge Kiwi met up with his bros.

And that was about it.

The flight was long and boring but ok because at the end there were Shirley and Lachie waiting to meet us. Funny. I didn't take any photos for a couple of hours or so. :-)

Today's ride 12kms
Cumulative. 18,747kms
Tipovers. 2

Location:Wellington, NZ

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