Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day 68: San Vicente to Guerrero Negro, BC, Mexico

Greetings all and Kia Ora koutou katoa.

Well she was a real ripper today. Something for everyone and every taste. I didn't sleep too well last night between the trucks using their engine brakes down the hill, the locals having a beer and chatting under the porch and the roosters and donkeys sharing their various views on early morning life.

We were up at 7 and getting sorted to go. An American ex-marine named Mike came down to the motel, as he usually does to make coffee and he was an interesting chat. We made porridge and drank coffee while he talked about his life here. An interesting point was the wage system. The locals working here in the fields are paid 100 pesos per day. That is about $NZD10 and I guess explains why Mexican pineapples and vegetables that we buy in NZ are so cheap.

We rolled out the door at about nine and headed south along a good road with the most amazing market gardens, some hugely enclosed in netting. I stopped for my first fill of Mexican petrol. Easy as with a nice young bloke coming out to serve me and make sure I didn't scarper with gasoline libre!

Our route took us down through Colnet, Lazaro Cardenas and El Rosario where we stopped for lunch. As usual, Kiwi checked out the waitress. Seemed ok.

And the garden. Hmmmm, not bad.

Burgers and coke and other heathy food and we were off again a little west to Calavina where there is a hotel of high repute. It seemed ok although the staff were a little snooty when we only wanted an ice cream. Rooms here were $USD91 per night so obviously we were in a different class. Nice banos though; we were customers after all. Kiwi tried climbing a tree but didn't enjoy it much.

He said it was full of pricks - just like ##censored##. (but it rhymes with "arliament".

We then got into some amazing scenery; straight out of Hombre, you would almost expect to see the cowboys riding through the cactuseseses. Or cactise as the edducated among us say.

Just after this the landscape became scattered with rocks. A reading engineer's nightmare but they looked great. No good photos sorry.

Love the flowers on top of the cactus.

Somewhere along the line we were stopped by a military checkpoint. This time it was my turn to have my bags searched and D&D to get waved through. Don't you just hate that!

We were getting pretty tired by now so thought we would stop short of our planned destination at Punta Prieta but it had no accommodation so we pressed on. And on. And on. This included a 318km stretch with no petrol. Ebony was down to her last dribble by the time we came to Villa Jesus Maria and gassed up.

We also had a chance to test the new Heidenaur tyres in gravel and sand. They were good. The roads generally have been good though instill have mixed feelings about the use of judder bars to control highway speed.

We finally arrived at Guerrero Negro where we checked into a flash pub

Which allowed us to drive the bikes up the front steps and park by the main entrance.

Dick thought this was so good he genuflected to Enony in a fit of gratitutousness. Doesn't he do it well?

So that was it apart from the usual few beers and a dinner. I had a seafood combination with local pescado and it was lovely. And now it is time for bed. We lost an hour today so it is later than it should be.

Po marie. Buenos noches.

Today's run: 524kms
Cumulative: 19,751kms
Tipovers: 2

Location:Guerrero Negro, Baha California, Mexico.

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