Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Day 65: Wellington to Los Angeles.

Kia ora koutou katoa
How's this then! We are back on the trail. No photos I'm afraid for a while because I left my USB camera cable home in NZ. But never mind.
There's not much to tell. Shirl took me the Welly airport at 4pm, I flew to Auckland and met up with D&D and we flew to LA arriving at about 1pm local time. We went back to the same hotel as last time - the Ramada - reasonably cheap and ok and then Dick and I went out to Honda of Hollywood to pick up Ebony and Mella.
The first indication we had that something was not right (!!!!%###%^%#) was when we saw Mella still in the yard. Still dirty and still with the splash guard strapped to the back seat. The second indication was when we saw Ebony up on the hoist. Yep. You're right. Ebony had just been started and Mella had not been touched. Even though they had had the bikes for two whole weeks to work on. We were not pleased. We were very very not pleased. Unfortunately the very personable service manager that we had left the bikes with had suddenly gone home feeling unwell. Or so we were told. About thirty minutes earlier.
Not much we could do. We went back to the hotel where fortunately we were met by Stuart and Kerry Ann who are friends of the Hubbards from Auckland. After some brief swimming and stuff we all went out to Sunset Blvd for drinks and dinner. Good plan! We ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood where we had ok (but surprisingly cheap) dinners and enjoyed watching the crowds. All good. But VERY NOISY,!! :-)

We were a little tired by then, having flown through the night, so we went home to bed.
And that my friends (and others) is that.
Today's run. 0kms
Cumulative 18,747kms
Tipovers: 2

Location:Ramada Hotel, West Hollywood

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