Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day 80: Ixtapan de la Sal to Huajuapan de Leon, Mexico

Yeah gidday

Day 80! Bloody hell! How about that!

We knew we had a big day today, but because the hotel people were so good to us yesterday we hung around until their restaurant opened at 8am. I had what I thought was going to be bacon and eggs. It wasn't. True, there were eggs there. And bacon. I'm just not too sure about all the green spicy stuff that was everywhere. Or the refried beans. Sorry, not for breakfast.

Mella looked cosy though having spent the night with the oranges.

After yesterday's blue I spent some time studying the maps for today so felt a bit more confident as we set off. With Liz (Dick's GPS) now loaded with Mexico maps I let him take the lead. We came out of Ixtapan and almost immediately into a scenic mountain pass. I don't know what your stereotypes of Mexico are but mine never included so many hectares of beautiful parks and forests. With huge abrupt gullies and ridges on every side. Just wonderful. And some vigorous little doggies. Go boy, go!

We made our way through a route of wonderful names: Miacatlan, Cuernavaca, Cuatla, Atlatcan de Ororio and Izucar de Metamoros. To name a few. As we headed into Cuernavaca it was Dick's turn to miss a turn and we headed into the Centro Historico. Oh no! After some time we managed to make a u-turn and get back in the right direction, almost causing a policewoman to have apoplexy as she watched us and fell about laughing!

We stopped for lunch along the way and had a coconut each from the barrow.

The kitchen seemed a bit dubious though so we didn't have anything cooked. Even tho the chef had her quals on display.

We didn't use the bano either so I stopped just a little down the road and got a photo of this crop. What is it? Quinoa?

We had planned to go through to Tamazulapan but got caught in a thunderstorm and got soaked. We decided to find a hotel in Huajuapan de Leon and here we are. What a neat place. Even with grapefruit growing by the pool.

We had a bite to eat and played silly buggers with the sombreros.

Good night all. I'm knackered! An easy day tomorrow and then a rest day for a Hubbards Foods Board Meeting. Should be good.

Today's ride: 382kms
Cumulative: 22,441
Tip overs: 3

Location:Huajuapan, Mexico

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