Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day 77: Zacatecas to Leon, Mexico

Greetings faithful readers. And the rest of you as well. We had a short day today so we all slept in. I didn't wake up till 8am, the effects of a completely enclosed room. We had breakfast at the hotel (included we hope because we didn't pay for it before we left) and got ourselves packed up.
She was an interesting old building. Kiwi thought he would like to try being an icon.

And we looked in vain for Juliet.

This is an internal photo.
We then got on the road. Karen did her best but I have to say cobblestones, narrow streets and aggressive drivers make it hard. We did ok until I turned right on this great big wide street instead of the tiny little wriggly one I was supposed to turn onto. We didn't quite see our hotel twice but it was close. It was tricky work with Dick's GPS not working, me trying to listen to Karen, navigate, watch the road and keep an eye on the others it was a little stressful.
That's possibly why we decided to take the toll road to Leon, more expensive but easier on the heart muscles in the long run. We barrelled on down to Aguacalientas which, as you Spanishphiles will know means hot water. Up to now the tolls have been around 35pesos - about $3.50 New Zild but all of a sudden like, they were 103 pesos. Ah caramba! Never mind. We had a quick lunch and wifi session at a McDonalds along the way and arrived at Leon at about 4pm.
Again Karen did a good navigation job despite asking me to drive into a pedestrian mall at the very last turn. All sorted, just a little further on was the entrance to the hotel and we took it. And very nice it is too.
The rest of this entry is really about the sights near our hotel. It is Saturday night and obviously fiesta night. Here are some shots taken from just outside the hotel.
The xylophone boys were working hard. They were great too.

All couples were offered roses - not free - but for some reason Dick and I didn't qualify.

They are really into manicured trees in this square.

I think this was Saturday night mass?

At the door this was this other rite going on involving waving containers of smoking stuff around people and blowing on conches.

I don't know what it was about but it looked like fun.
Just along the street was the motorcycle and washing machine shop.

And the very square shouldered town hall.

And people selling balloons and stuff.

along with religious icons.

And wedding dresses.

Then I realised that a dance display was about to start. This was traditional Spanish dancing that looked lots like what we used to teach kids in PE back in the GODs (good old days)

Kewl huh!
Around the back was this amazing carved -what - fresco?

And a church with a beggar. I don't normally give money to beggars but I was struck by the contrast, especially that of a young chic woman walking by with a beautifully costumed puppy.

Dick found the Herald. That kept him happy.

Evening was on its way by then so we went for dinner.

Here's mine. Ribeye steak with baked potato, vegetables, cactus and chilli avocado. Not bad.

Meanwhile the fiesta was going on in the square.

As we ate, I watched the shoeshine man across the way and decided to get my motorcycle boots cleaned. He was great!

And here is the result.

And that folks is pretty much that.
Today's ride: 251kms
Cumulative: 21,492kms
Tip overs: 2

Location:Leon, Mexico

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