Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Day 66: Los Angeles to Laguna Beach

Greetings all
Today is the anniversary of 911 - ka nui nga mihi aroha ki a ratou katoa he mauiuiana na te mea o tena he.

Not much sign of 911 today really - less than I had thought there would be
A bit of a frustrating day today. We went for a walk for breakfast. Santa Monica Blvd first thing in the morning is ..... interesting. I'll post photos later. After breakfast we rang Honda of Hollywood regarding the bikes and were told that they would be ready by 11am. We finally rode out of there at 230pm. Enough said. I'll post some photos later. The mechanics were great.

Their bosses were ... Goodness me, what can I say ... not as good perhaps. No explanation about why the bikes had not been serviced in the two weeks we had left them there. However, no quibbles about warranty claims and the bill a little smaller than we had thought it might be. Here is Ebony having a test run.

And a wash.

And some other bikes being serviced.

We waited patiently.

We had arranged to meet D&D's friends Ros and Cathy for morning tea but that became afternoon tea. We then rode on to Laguna Beach arriving at around 730 having come down all of Santa Monica blvd and then the freeway.

We've had dinner and now the night - and the night before - is catching up with me.... I'll post photos tomorrow when I have bought a new cable. :-0

Today's run: 141kms
Cumulative: 18,888kms
Tipovers: 2

Location:Laguna Beach, CA, USA

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