Saturday, 29 September 2012

Day 84: Tehuantpec to Tuxtla

Sorry everyone
Did a big post and it disappeared. Don't know where. Will try again tomorrow.

Morning all. It is now Sunday 30 September. I won't try to repeat all that I lost yesterday. Suffice to say that we had a great ride. I had an interesting moment on encountering an unmarked, unsigned speed hump in the middle of a motorway. I was a bit dozy I guess and went over it at about 100 klicks. I had time to get up on the pegs and that was about it. Ebony flew a little but no harm seems to have been done. I was pleased that my Vario topbox stayed on because they have a reputation for not doing so.

Along the ride north from Arriaga we had the most wonderful mountain pass with more hairpin bends than you can shake a stick at! A bit of a grind into town with stop-start traffic but we found our hotel easily enough. City driving in Mexico is a bit hair raising to be honest.

A beer and a vino tinto and that was it.

Shirley arrives tonight so we will be a team of four once again.

Today's run: 322kms
Cumulative: 23,200kms
Tipovers: 3



  1. Bummer, that's happened to a couple of my comments, had to do over. Sorry Ken.

  2. must be about time that your photographer climbs back on board?! I hope Shirley has had a good and safe trip to get there.