Sunday, 23 September 2012

Day 78: Leon to Morelia, Mexico

Hi folks
A short blog tonight - it's late and I'm tired.

We got out of Leon at around 9am. And past this stunning church.

It should have been straightforward getting out of town but there was a marathon on our planned road and so we were detoured several times. Eventually a nice police woman let us into the lane of the road that the runners were not in, and we had it pretty much to ourselves for a number of kilometres. Kewl.

It was a superb day for riding today. Temperature around 20C and high cloud.
The plan for today was to use the toll free road as much as possible because we did not have a huge distance to cover. As it turned out, I didn't. Turn out that is and we wound up on the toll road by mistake. About $NZD8.30. Goodness gracious me!
Eventually we got off this and onto a delightful windy rural road that took us through a number of towns, most equipped with horrendous judder bars. Ouch! And great scenery that you had time to enjoy.

Kiwi checked out a local carrier bike. Seemed ok.

We met up with a local HOG group at a restaurant. They weren't sure whether to be impressed or not with our grubby GSs or with our adventure. They were certainly of a Ulysses like age. When they thought we weren't watching, they took lots of photos.

We passed through some amazing lakes with fantastic numbers of beautiful white herons. Hundreds of them. There were some squashed at the side of the road and I wanted to stop to get some feathers but there was no shoulder on the road and I couldn't stop. Of course, I am still missing my photographer. :-(
Morelia seemed a nice town, quite clean and with lots of whitewash. We pulled into a Best Western and checked in. We then had to take the bikes four blocks away to be parked. The valet was going to run alongside the bikes to show the way but we put him on Dick's bike as pillion. I think he enjoyed it. Possibly.
I went for a walk then with the camera. Once again it seemed to be fiesta time? But maybe it always is!
Here's the view from my balcony.

And right.

Down on the square there was some serious chess going down.

And some distinctly unserious clowning around.

While others waited their turn.

This one didn't find it at all .... yawn ..... funny!

And what the hell are these? (Ans. "red ones")

Here's a photo of our hotel. You can which is my room because of the washing hanging in the sun. :-)

This was an arcade of indigenous arts. It went on for ages. The arcade I mean.

beside yet another church.

Even here though the taggers are a plague.

In the evening, the fiesta hotted up.

With amazing bangers being fired into the air. Why? (Look hard, real hard, for the puff of smoke.)

and a pretty heavy police presence.

Margaritas were on special so, well what can one do?

And really that was that. Good night all.
Today's run: 240kms
Cumulative: 21,732kms
Tip overs: 2

Location:Morelia, Mexico

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