Thursday, 1 November 2012

Day 117: Quito to San Miguel de Salcedo, Ecuador

Hi folks
Super short blog tonight cos we're quite jolly old tired.

Taxi to BMW Quito to pick up the girls. All good. Note the new Ecuador sticker.

A bit of a struggle to get out of Quito because Ebony needed petrol badly and we wound up going through the city. We got separated from D&D at this point and had to meet up along the road. Then we got hit with a huge thunderstorm that turned to hail and snow. Remember this is less than one degree south of the equator.

Hailstones on Shirley's sheepskin!

We decided to stop early at at about 4.30 pulled into this quirky hotel in San Miguel de Salcedo. Complete with 1951 Cadillac.

And an ostrich that seemed to regard me as a sex object.

And some round things with holes.

We have now had dinner, a glass of wine and that's about it.

Today's run: 123kms
Cumulative: 28,119kms
Tipovers: 6

Location:San Miguel de Salcedo, Ecuador.

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