Sunday, 4 November 2012

Day 119: Machala to Talara, Peru

Gidday everyone.
Well it was a variety day today! Breakfast was included at Machala so we were all packed up and ready to go at 7am before going to breakfast. This was a really expensive hotel so we expected, and got, a really good breakfast. I had two plates of the Bircher's muesli with pawpaw before moving onto a minor mountain of bacon with eggs and toast. Not bad. Not bad at all.
We were on the road at 8am and had a bit of an effort to navigate out of town. Out past the old loco.

And along some distinctly crappy roads once we found the way out of town.

It was only about 65kms to the Ecuador border so we got on with it. Once we got there we were pleased to see some signs of cooperation between the two neighbouring countries. In a single building you went from the Ecuador exit queue to the Peru entry queue. Good one.
Unfortunately as Dick was parking Mella he put his foot in a puddle of oil and dropped her onto the curb. It took a bit of grunt to get her upright again and we had to call on the assistance of a couple of touts. Who asked us for a dollar! I think they were joking so shook their hands and thanked them for their assistance and told them that whenever they came to NZ they should look me up. Not too much harm done to the bike but one of the side riding lights had its mounting broken. We taped it up as best we could.

while under military supervision.

Dick and I then went on to sort out the entry permits for the bikes while Shirley roamed with the camera. Another motorcyclist in the making?

Welcome to Peru!

Dick and I made good progress getting the bikes sorted. I had assumed that the person we were directed to first was an Ecuadorean official and she would cancel our Ecuador temporary vehicle importation permits. However it turned out that she was a Peruvian official and was signing the bikes into Peru. Everything was complete and our permits issued and in our hands when I did a really dumb thing! I asked her where to go to get the exit stamp from Ecuador for the bikes. She suddenly realised that we hadn't done this already and took the entry permits away from us. We had to go back four kms into Ecuador to get the exit stamps. Bugger!
Double bugger when we finally got back there to the Ecuador customs when the official looked at our papers, stamped them, and then filed them. So we had to go back to Peru with no paperwork anyway! Why DID we bother!
While we were away this group of six Italian motorcyclists cruised in.

We checked them out. Seemed ok.

Finally we were on our way and into some heavy town traffic. Outside the towns was good riding with cultivations on both sides of the road.

And lots of three wheel rickshaw things.

But also some barren landscapes as we approached the coast.

And drove by the sea.

We had some amazing landscapes.

And seascapes as well.


Herring boats.....

And more busy towns.

Finally we cruised into a town called Talara and past the airforce base. Any guesses on this aircraft?

And found a hotel. Again a bit expensive but we'll make up for it by stealing the toilet paper. Once again, beer, dinner and bed! Breakfast is included so we'll starve ourselves tonight. Right!
Today's run: 322kmsu incl a border crossing
Cumulative: 28,863kms
Tipovers: 7

Location:Talara, Peru


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    1. So then .... Why does Peru have old Russian Migs? Should I ask John M?

  2. It might have something to do with the Russians not wanting them any more.