Saturday, 24 November 2012

Day 140: Puerto Varas to Chaiten, Chile

Hi everybody
A different day today. A blast out of Puerto Varas with a brief bit of freeway and then into the gravel to meet the ferry so we could meet the ferry that left at 10.30 so we could meet the ferry that would take us to Chaiten. It was all a bit hectic but luck was with as we rolled into Las Arena just as the ferry was arriving.

Incoming passengers disembarking.

And we ride in.

Heaps of room on this ferry.

Kiwi chatted up our neighbour. Seemed ok.

The girls looked comfortable.

Here's me looking thoughtful and intelligent.

This trip was about 20minutes or so. Here's the next ferry coming in.

Karen was quite discombobulated!

The real test came as we disembarked at about 9.30 with about 52kms to travel to the next ferry which was scheduled to leave at 10.30. It was a rush! A gravel road but not too difficult. When we arrived the ferry was just finishing its loading. There was this ute waiting to load but there just wasn't quite enough room for it. Just enough for us

tucked in behind the digger.

This was a four hour trip down to Leptepu. It was like sailing through the Marlborough Sounds and into Fiordland.

Kiwi checked out the purser.

And the captain.

The instrument panel seemed to be working ok.

I tried to have a snooze on the bike. It was surprisingly comfortable.

Lots of snow clad mountains.

And amazing waterfalls through bush that looks very much like our NZ bush.

This feature on a snowy mountain looked amazing.

When we arrived we had to drive 10kms through private land in a convoy. I was in front right behind the bus. This took us onto ferry no.3.

Don't we look happy!

We came off the ferry and then had another 52kms to ride on gravel to Chaiten. This is where the local volcano erupted in 2008 and pretty much wiped out the town. The first 10kms or so was hard work with quite deep gravel and lots of river stones in the road.

Still some great scenery though.

At about 6pm we arrived and found a cabana for the night. Here is the volcano above the town.

Lots of the houses were destroyed and have not yet been repaired.

It's a pretty dismal place in many ways but some people are trying to make a comeback.

We went out for fish and chips and it was great. We weren't too sure when we walked in to the restaurant but were pleasantly surprised. Now we are all very tired and are heading for bed.

Today's run: 116kms by road. Plus some by ferry
Cumulative: 35,752kms
Tip overs 7

Location:Chaiten, Chile

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