Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 131: Arica to Iquique, Chile

Hi folks
We've been out for a slightly boozy dinner so maybe not too much tonight? We left Arica in good time this morning and headed south. Nice easy riding with very careful drivers.

Soon we were back in the desert. Chile does scenery huge!

We pulled in just past a toll gate and met these Nomads. Quite different from the NZ variety!

They gave Ebony a Nomads sticker which I stuck on. :-)

Then lots of desert scenery...

including this bus which has seen better days.

Along the way we came across these patterns in the hillsides which are called gyrogrifs.

Then we cruised into Iquique and into the posh pub that Dick booked for us last night. After a little top up just before the downhill run

we arrived here. The parking boys were very happy for us to park out front.

D&D took us (well Shirley really) out for dinner.

My Osso buco

Her albacore and shrimp,tail.

And that (hic) is about that. Good night all. Tomorrow we take Shirl to Calama and load her on a plane to Welly. :-(

Today's run: 323kms
Cumulative. 32,496kms
Tip overs. 7

Location:Iquique, Chile

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