Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day. 123: Cerro Azul to Palpa, Peru

Hello? Is there anyone out there?

We are in Palpa just north of Nasca and south of Saint Cruz. We had intended to get further today and do the viewing thing of the world famous Nasca Lines. However Shirl was not well so we stopped here in Palpa in the early afternoon and let her have a sleep while we did a wash and make and mend.

It was a lovely morning in Cerro Azul this morning - it may even have rained during the night? But probably not!

It was good to see the NZ flag flying with all the others on the hotel balcony.

We had brekkie at the restaurant next door and were on our way by 730. It was a good ride through light traffic and on a multilane highway. We weren't quite sure what these boys on bikes were doing on the beach.

We had some more busy townships to negotiate

but it wasn't too bad.

Mostly it was good straight roads.

with some interesting bits.

And some interesting vehicles sharing the road.

At about this point Shirl began to feel a little unwell. She nodded off a couple of times at 120kph which probably wasn't a hell of a good idea. Even the clown performing at the lights couldn't make her smile.

And so we stopped in Palpa for a rest and then checked into a hotel. A little rough but at least it had a swimming pool. Shirl slept all afternoon and most of the evening and has had almost nothing to eat. We will see what the morning brings.

Today's run: 267kms
Cumulative: 30,371kms
Tipovers: 7

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