Saturday, 10 November 2012

Day 125: Chalhuanca to Cusco, Peru

Hi everyone
Super short tonight. We are in Cusco arriving pretty knackered. We met up Mike and Denis Ferris who are escorting an Aussie group through this part of South America. Mike and Denise led our group,through the Himalayas last year. It was great to see them, especially as they took the four of us out for dinner. Hence, no blog!

We woke in our hostel in the morning - Shirl took this photo of the mud brick church in the village. What a contrast to some we have seen.

She got some foodie shots.

And we were away. As were the kids going to school.

Not such an easy road today with numerous fords and road works.

as well as animals on the road.

However it started well with more curvy roads though an area that reminded us of the Awakino Gorge.

We know we are not here to judge, but we didn't like seeing this horse cruelly hobbled across the front legs.

It was market day in some towns.

Finally we made it to Cusco

where we battled our way through to the town square. And met up with Guillermo, our Mexican friend from the Stahlratte.

We found a cheap but ok hostel and that was about it. We go to Machhu Pichu in the morning: so up at 3.30am and off in a van at 4am. Then train and another bus to arrive at Machhu Pichu at around 8.30. Early beds!

Today's run: 305kms
Cumulative: 31,062
Tipovers: 7

Location:Cusco, Peru

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