Sunday, 11 November 2012

Day 127: a rest day in Cusco, Peru

Greetings all
Another great day today. By habit we woke at 6am. By mutual agreement, we rolled over and went back to sleep until 7.30. Then leapt out of bed to go be tourists again. Breakfast first then a huge amount of washing and hanging out to dry before I went to check on Ebony and to see where I have to go in this mass of one way streets to get her back to out hotel. Good thinking because it turned out to be more complicated than I had thought.

We then walked through the plaza into the centre of town. Past some blokes doing a Sunday repair of the cobblestones.

There was some big celebration going on in the town square.

Not sure what it was but I doubt that it was Armistice Day! (11 November, 1918). Lots of people parading. And getting ready to do so.

The police and army shared flag raising duties.

While the statue looked on.

One of the police found it too much and fainted. It was getting hot and they had been standing in formation for ages.

Then the flags went up. First Peru....

Then Cusco.

And both together.

Afterwards there was this amazing art competition with hundreds of schoolchildren sitting at long tables painting and drawing. Kiwi checked them out. Seemed ok.

On the way back we walked past this Chinese made motorbike. Sorry, I couldn't resist! Another marketing masterpiece to follow Mitsubishi Pajero!

We went for lunch and Shirley had a vegetable salad.

We then just walked around for a bit enjoying the sights. This struck as being a bit exploitative.

This is a street name.

Kiwi still got a lot of attention.

We went to a bikers' pub called The Norton and I spotted this lady with donkey in the square.

and a lovely poster for the old Ariel Square Four.

Shirley now knows all she needs to know about side valves, hub springing, parallel twins vs single cylinders, Triumph twin carburettors, Norton featherbed frames and the difference between a Gold Star and a Gold Flash. BSA that is! No Sunbeam S7s unfortunately.

We came back to our habitacion and started getting organised for our next venture tomorrow. Then went out for dinner. Pretty flash aye! We only had entrees and desserts. And wine of course!

Pisco sour with pisco sour mousse.

And crepes stuffed with stuff. (Lumaca fruit mousse)

I think we liked them!

We then walked home the long way where Shirl got ambushed by a street dance band.

past the flowery alligator.

And some wonderful props holding up two storey houses

and of course, a church.

And that my friends (and John) is about that. We are beginning to pack. Ebony will be released from her purgatory and we are headed for Lake Titicaca. About 400kms or so.

Today's run: 0kms
Cumulative: 31,062kms
Tip overs. 7

Location:Cusco, Peru

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  1. Plaza de Armas is a lovely square dominated by two of the churches you photographed Ken I think, they looked the same anyway! Oh you will be proud of John he has managed to haul his sorry ass back onto a bike. Though I understand it took a bit of work on Anne's part to console him and to reassure him that he could do it and will be alright.