Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day 122: Huarmey to Cerro Azul, Peru

Hi folks,

No wifi here so this will be posted when we can.

Our hotel in Huarmey turned out really well with a most enthusiastic host in Peter who gave us lots of good advice about the trip south. Shirl went for a walk with the camera before breakfast along the roadside stalls.

Lots of breads stuff.

And also this bus with on board wifi.

Soon we were back on the road after a great breakfast with lots more desert to get through. Not such a cross wind now so no sand drifting across the road. But still desolate country.

Somehow people scratch out a living in these conditions.

Along the road we saw these huge paddocks of marigolds. We are still not quite sure what they are used for but we did see a truck that was being loaded with the flowers - no stalks or roots - so we guess they are being used for perfumes or colouring or something.

There were lots of trucks on the road - this one had seen better days!

We were quite early so kids were going off to school.

We were a bit worried about the number of vehicles having puncture repairs on the side of the road. Hopefully just poor tyres?

We preferred the parked trucks. This one was getting just a little too close.

Watermelons or pumpkins?

We stopped to have morning tea and Kiwi checked out the proprietor. Seemed ok. A bit of a hard case in fact!

The maize was on its way home. For.....?

Shirl photographed some flowers. Not sure why.

Meanwhile the reinforcing steel was being delivered to the building site.

We discovered what the official name is for the three-wheeled rickshaw things. They are "moto taxis" That should keep John Maroulis happy.

We then climbed up a mountain and got into this amazing fog bank.

We then came down to ride through the outskirts of Lima. Lima is a city of 8 million people. It wasn't great fun! About an hour and a half of stop- start riding with some amazingly aggressive drivers. But we got through and out the other side. Sorry no photos but Shirley discovered that Ebony has sissy bars. To hold on to!

They do tagging big here.

We had lunch at a petrol station and then got on with it again to roll into Cerra Azura at about 4pm. We found the nice hotel that Peter had recommended.

and went for a walk along the beach. This boat was being dragged up the beach.

A great flock of seabirds of various kinds.

It was pretty cool.

On the way back we found this memorial to Japanese immigrants who came into Peru in 1899 to work on the railroads.

A lovely town that is pretty quiet right now out of its major tourist season.

And that was about it - beer, dinner and early to bed I suspect! Hopefully we will be lulled to sleep to the sound of the surf sliding up the beach.

Today's run: 426kms
Cumulative: 30,104kms
Tipovers: 7

Location:Cerro Azul, Peru

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  1. Marigolds are farmed commercially for insecticide, used mainly on livestock.