Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 143: Coyhuique to Puerto Guadal, Chile

Hi folks
What a blast today. It was long. It was tough. It had beautiful scenery. It ended with some tough riding! It will be a short blog. I hope you understand.
We rode out of Coyhaique pretty early in the morning. Diana made me some bread and salami before we left for which I was grateful. Then we got on down the sealed road. Such as it was. There were some fabulous views along the way.

Woo hoo! How's this for a switchback?!!!

Some great skylines.

Just stunning views.
We stopped at this pie cart for breakfast.

Kiwi checked out the chef. Seemed ok.

Then breakfast arrived.

Holy moley! Steak, bacon, eggs, onions, cholesterol! YUM!

Just after the breakfast stop we hit the gravel. Here we are getting organised.

And chatting to the siga man.

And taking a break.

Some fabulous waterfalls.

Before we arrived at the Marble Caves. Kiwi checked out the manager. Seemed ok?

We then went in the cutter out to the caves.

Here's our driver.

Mark and Dick looking intelligent.

And the caves.

And some wildlife.

And us.

Looking intelligent.

Kewl huh?

Too many great scenes for photos to cope with.
But then it didn't stop. Scene after scene after scene!

This is Mark! Aka Radioman.

Just amazing.

We stopped Puerto Guadal for petrol knowing we were close to our finish. Then we met Mr Grumpy the grader driver. The stop/go man let us go a bit early and the grader driver was really grumpy about it. He backed right up to us and then waved Mark to take the ditch to get by. Mark had a go, got down ok but on the way back up he tipped over. Should have been ok but his wheels were on the high side and there was petrol going everywhere. We got him upright with some huge heaves and he got back up out of the ditch and onto the newly graded road. Thank goodness it was ok because he had our beer in his top bag.

Dick then had a go getting around on the other side. Huge wheel spins in the soft gravel and then big pushes from the rest of us to get him back up out of the ditch and onto the road. Hopefully photos to come.

My turn. I fixed the grader driver with my school principal's glare and told him to get into the ditch so I could ride by. He hesitated! He quailed (lovely expression) and then he recognised his fate and turned the grader into the ditch so I could ride serenely by. Just as well I reckon. Otherwise I would have turned him into a slug.

And so we turned into the Terra Luna, our accommodation for the night. Here is the view from our verandah. Kiwi checked it out. Seems ok.

And that really was about that. Not too many kms covered but some seriously demanding roads and a boat trip adding up to a great day. We had dinner here at the lodge

and then sat on the porch telling lies as the sun set.

I thought it looked pretty kewl!

If you have a chance, check out

Today's ride: 257kms
Cumulative: 36,455kms
Tip overs: 7

Location:Puerto Guadal, Chile

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