Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 139: Orsono to Puerto Varas, Chile

Hello there
What a great day today. Gentle after all the speedy travel of the last three days (close to 18,000kms) but very excelente!

I walked up to shops yesterday and bought some eggs which I poached for breakfast to supplement the supplied breakfast. It was very nice - just a little different because we haven't had poached eggs for about 37 years. It was a slow start as we sat around (I snoozed) till the Motoaventura place opened at 10am. Things start late here! I went for a little walk in the garden.

Mella in the roses.

Two blokes keeping an eye on things.

Our cabana.

We arrived at Motoaventura just as they were opening. They service BMWs but also run tours all around the world. Yum! Look at all these lovely motocicletas!

This is what a final drive on a R1200GS looks like when it has died. Oh dear.

This German bloke was back collecting his bike after having it stored here for a year. He had an accident last year in Chaiten (look it up!) but can't remember what happened. Anyway he is now going north to Colombia and then will ship his bike home.

Love that left hand side pannier - brand name of RMS?

Anyway the girls were serviced and fitted with new tyres in 90 minutes and it only cost $23,000. Cheap at twice the price. All other vitals were checked and we were on our way. The plan was to head towards Ensenada and flick up the Orsono volcano road to the top to have a look see. Unfortunately it began to rain.

We went quite a way but then as the temperature dropped to 3C and the fog closed in we decided there was not much point in going on. Yeah, wooses I know! It was really kewl though the way the forest turned to scrub turned to flowers and small plants turned to nothing as we went up. It was just like the road up Mount Taranaki to Dawson Falls.

On the way down we stopped for some photos. Here's the volcano.

Here it is again. Snowy huh. See it ok?

And a nice flowery tree thing.

And a view down the valley.

Dick getting all steamy on his three wheeled bike.

This is a view. Good huh!

We agreed we have never ridden a road so like a NZ road outside NZ before. Just amazing. Lots of Fresian and Ayeshire dairy herds. Lots of hay being cut and baled. Hundreds of round bales wrapped in plastic lying in the paddocks waiting to be fed out. Lots of poplars! flowering broome and willows along the side of the road.

We turned off just before Ensenada and went to the falls. Kiwi and I checked out the most likely fishing spots.

A little sandy underfoot? (Sorry Mike)

This river is draining from the lake above. I think it's called Lago Todas Las Santos.

On the way up to the lake we sopped to check the broome.

Bloody hell, where did they come from?

The lake was very like Taupo-nui-a-Tia.

With German influences.

The German influence is huge here. Apparently they immigrated into this area in the 1840s at much the same time as our ancestors were immigrating into NZ. Doesn't this look like the Waiohine Gorge?

Anyway we then headed towards Puerto Varas which is where we will stay tonight. Once again we are in cabins although mine is a room in a separate lodge. Dick and I walked into town to get some cash and so I could get some drugs. A lovely place. And trout fishing mad!

We went out for dinner having agreed we didn't need any more meat and ended up here. Oh yum!

Here is the chef carving a sheep that has been lit and then spit roasted. I think.

Here's mine. I had vegetables too Shirl, honest!

And a lovely glass of chilled (???) pinot noir. I can't remember whose hand that is.

On the wall was this lovely map of where we hope to get to tomorrow.

We ride and then catch a ferry. Then we ride and catch another ferry. then we get put in a convoy and ride to catch another ferry. Then we ride to Chaiten. We hope.

We may be off the air for a day or two folks so please, keep the faith. We'll be back soon. All going well. If not, please send money to Shirl.


Today's ride: 200kms
Cumulative: 35,636kms
Tip overs: 7

Location:Puerto Varas, Chile.

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