Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 144: Puerto Guadal, Chile to Perito Moreno, Argentina

Hi everybody.
Our last country! Argentina. Although we have to zigzag back into Chile from time to time on our way south. Kiwi decided to celebrate his last night in Chile by getting on the turps. Oh dear.

A lovely sign at the hostel which we couldn't ignore.

Then off down the road. I am experimenting with the panorama setting on the camera. Not sure what I think yet.

We pootled on down this gravel road with huge canyons

And mountains.

Every now and again some opposing traffic.

And some dusty bits.

We stopped here by a grader working.

The entire road was buried in soft gravel that would have been 20cms thick. We had to ride up the drainage ditch at the side of the road. As I rode in, my back wheel slipped right down to the bottom so there was not much I could do but let the front wheel do the same. Mark was behind me and took some video.

It was very hard work but we all made it in the end. Kiwi tried to give mouth to mouth resuscitation!

He also had a discussion with Mark's mascots. Hmmmm .... Seem ok fullas. Not terribly talkative really.

Some wonderful copper sulphate lakes. Kiwi was more interested in the worms in the post.

Down by the coast there were these patches of farmland.

While on our right were these huge slopes. There is a road on this one. Somewhere! And a layer of copper ore.

There it is! The road I mean.

Finally we arrived in Chile Chico, had lunch and then headed for the border. The Chilean side was very simple. Passports wham bam, temporary import of motos cancelled, wham bam. We're out of here.

Here are the Argentinian offices, also very straightforward. Kiwi got so excited he fell off his cone. Silly boy.

We were done inside 30 minutes and on our way down a good paved road to Perito Moreno in Argentina. We refuelled and then found a hotel. After a few duds we ended up here at the El Americano. It seems ok and as Mark and I are sharing a room, it's not too expensive. We have now had our first Argentinian beef steak. Rather disappointing but because it was poorly cooked. France's or Hayden would have sent it back! :-). And that, dear readers, is that. For some great photos check out Diana's photos on

Today's ride: 180kms mostly gravel. (Phew!!)
Cumulative: 36,635 kms
Tip overs: 7

Location:Perito Moreno, Argentina


  1. BTW Argentinians like their steak well done, so you'll need to either get the table grill that you cook yourself or ask for it "bien jugoso" for medium rare (nice and juicy!)

  2. Thanks Frances. It seems a rather sad town these days. Lots of young people lining up for a job interview at the hotel. A line that went round the block! We had steak last night. Asked for it to be "tres Quattro" it came back well done! You would have sent it back. :-)

  3. Hmmm... not sure what tres quattro means. DId you mean tres cuartos 3/4? try bien jugoso and see how you go.
    You could also try saying no me gusto muy cocido (I don't like it cooked a lot) or lo quiero rosado en el medio (I want it pink inside)