Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 128: Cusco to Puno, Peru

Hello there
This is one tired fulla. We had a strange day today: some excellent and some crappy. Read on......

Our day began with me having to collect Ebony from her parking spot in a hostel up the road. Then packing her up and going for breakfast. Breakfast took ages and we were getting twitchy because we had agreed to meet D&D at 7.30. We finally got there and headed off out of Cusco.

It was a little tricky but finally we managed to get some petrol and find the main road out of town.

We travelled through lots of farming country today, often small herds and flocks being watched over by their owners.

but bigger ones too.

And lots of machinery.

Lots of locals on the road too.

We climbed up high into a mountain pass at 4,000asl and then the road improved dramatically. With wonderful skyscapes for Shirl's camera.

And a train.

Then we reached Juliaca and it was crap. Karen wanted to put us on a new and unopened road. Then the wrong way down a series of oneway streets.

Finally we broke out and made the main road out of town and headed towards Puno. Close to Puno we were overtaken by a police utility which zoomed past us and then went off quickly overtaking a series of other vehicles. We didn't think twice about this until we came upon them again and were waved over. Apparently we had been speeding, even though we were constantly being overtaken by other vehicles. He said "Mucho velocidad!" we weren't. After some tense discussion they returned our licenses and we headed on down to Puno itself. There is a subtext here.

to a lovely Eco Inn by the lake.

And that is about that. Thanks for the comments and emails. They are appreciated even if we don't always get to answer them immediately.

I also noticed today that I have lost one of my front Skene lights. It looks as though it has just broken off. Bother!

Apart from that Ebony is looking ok.

Goodnight all.

Today's run: 390kms
Cumulative: 31,452 kms
Tipovers: 7

Location:Puno, Peru

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